In order to issue a payout, we require that our users to be verified. In order to do so, we need you to provide ascan or photo of your ID, and a proof of address document.

Required document needs to be issued under the same name as the Vomaf profile and it cannot be older than three months. It is important that the document contains your name, your address, and the issue date. This must be an official correspondence from bank, government or tax office, or your phone/Internet bill.
Also, your ID must be valid and cannot be issued for less than 6 months.

Please make sure that the document images are clear and that all details are visible.

Please provide the required documents to us, by sending them to our Compliance Agents. Our Team will verify your documents within 72 hours, and will contact you if there will be any need for additional documents.

Only documents sent to will be reviewed.

Please note that in times of the increased number of verification requests, the 72-hour window might be increased. Thank you for your patience!

Once the verification process is finished, your account will become Certified, and you will be able to create a payout.

We will notify you when that happens.